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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Salt Sea

Here is the fringey edge where the elements meet and realms mingle, 
where time and eternity spatter each other with foam. 
The salt sea and the islands, molding and molding, 
row upon rolling row, don’t quit, 
nor do winds end nor skies cease from spreading in curves. 
– Annie Dillard

Here on the island, we live in that place where elements meet
and realms mingle.
Even when we are away from the shore, we feel the rhythm
of the waves: 
the heartbeat of this place.
We breathe the ocean in and out.

Here, not all of the edges are soft.  Often rock meets shore

but even hard stone is shaped by the ocean's unceasing caress into something magical;
a fairyland that, if you had not seen it yourself,
you would believe could dwell only in the imagination.

The shores are alive with a million creatures, both large and small.

Red jellyfish swim among green algae along the shore on a quiet day.

Tiny crabs hide under rocks,
or bravely venture forth,
leaving footprints in the sand.

Even on the most windswept rocks, visited by pounding waves, 
tenacious creatures make their homes and hold on tight

and when the tide goes out, seaweed garlands decorate the sand.

The ocean calls to us from the time that we are very young

and once we have walked on her shores
and wet our feet in her waters,
we will always return to her again.

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