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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Trails and Trees

Sometimes it seems that life presents
an impenetrable barrier to me;
all the world standing,
arms akimbo,
blocking my way,
and not a little frightening

but if I look long enough
I eventually see
a path through the forest
beckoning to me.

At first it seems 
both wide and welcoming
winding gently,
lit by sunlight,
and cooled by dappled shade

but then
the way grows more difficult,

and barriers appear

and even nature
seems to wind upon itself;
twisting, twisting,

I fear I've lost my way.

In that moment

- just when I feel most lost -

I see blue sky before me.

It is at first
just a suggestion of light,
but still enough
to keep me going
until I find my way,

arriving at my destination
beautiful as it is,
glorious in light and magnitude,

I know 
I would not appreciate it
half so much
had I not
got lost along the way.