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Friday, 25 April 2014

Quiet Pleasures

Spring often wakes late here
- sleeping through her alarm clock -
then jumps out of bed
drawing her brightly coloured shawl around her,
runs out the door
strewing blossoms all around
in glorious disarray.

So enchanted are we
by her blousy blossoms,

her bright tulips,

her sweet pansies,
and forget-me-nots,

that we sometimes overlook
the quiet aspects of her charm


while she is rushing by,

tender ferns are unfurling
in the darkling wood.

Tiny creatures are exploring.

Shy fawn lilies 
are hiding
under maple trees

who are, 
in their turn, 
hiding blooms
among the sweet tender-green
 of new leaves.

Even the streams are blessed
with the transient jewelry
of blossom confetti,
strewn upon their waters.

They are waiting.