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Friday, 6 June 2014

The Month of Roses

is the month of roses here,
when all the landscape 
gives way
to romance.

In the last weeks of May
every wild roadside,
every field's fence line
is tangled 
with wild rose

and honeysuckle,

their scent sweetening the air
and whispering
"June is coming!"

June's first days 
bring a blooming.

Every garden,
whether ordered and perfect
or tangled and cottage-y
boasts at least
a rose 
or two.

From bowered climbers
to tiny floribundas
clustered sweetly together,

From perfect 
tea roses

to blousy, 
old-fashioned darlings,

From sleek elegance

to girly ruffles,

they reach,
with sweet scents
and thorny fingers
and draw us in
with reminders 

of summer,

of romance,

of beauty,

of love.