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Saturday, 25 February 2012


Great Blue Heron
Ardea Herodias fannini

I've always wondered why
they called this grey bird blue. 

I’ve seen it all my life
fishing along our shores,

standing in green estuary waters
still and patient,
watching, watching,
until, suddenly,
it strikes.

The perfect fisherman.

Close up
it's not a beautiful bird,
but ancient:
a feathered dinosaur,
a modern pterodactyl.

Not graceful taking flight:
It rises with wildly flapping wings
and a rusty "Squawk."

Then one day,
as I watched from a distance,
the early morning light
danced sideways down the shore
and I saw BLUE!

The heron flew away,
 its wings' reflection 
in the still waters suggesting
angels walking here on earth.

I am blessed.

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